As someone who has been behind the scenes in 6, 7, all the way up to 10 figure businesses, you start to see patterns to what makes a business successful…

successful businesses are

Measuring The Same Things​

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Meet Jennifer 👋

Am I a math whiz?! Absolutely not!

Heck, I’m a former English Lit major who landed herself in remedial math class in college. (Embarrassing, but true.)

But my time with high-level executives at Fortune 10 companies taught me how to use data to make better business decisions that get owners REAL results.

I even put my knowledge of data to work when I started a productivity blog…and grew it to reach over 2 million people per year, without spending more than a couple of hours a week. After just 2 years, I was able to sell that blog for a profit.

These days, everything I do is about helping my clients use data to remove guesswork from their businesses so that they can be more profitable.

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