Do you want to stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't work?


We are only taking a limited number of client seats per month at this time, most of which will be delivered via VIP days. If you are interested in implementing measurement into your business, we suggest our Measure and Maximize program. 


  • Do you want to see more of a ROI on the time and money you and your team spend on your marketing efforts?
  • Do you feel like you're doing all this work marketing your business but you don't actually know what is impacting the bottom line?
  • Do you want a system that helps you truly understand where to spend your time and money, marketing?


what could this do for your business?

Imagine having your marketing so dialed in that you knew for every $5 you spend, you could make $100.

If you want that type of data so you can start pouring your time and money into what you KNOW will work, then let's talk.

You’re looking for a proven process that is simple and easy to implement. We’ve worked with clients just like you to help them create systems that maximize every piece of their marketing so they can get the maximum ROI for every dollar and hour spent. 

“I love the reports Jennifer made for Funnel Gorgeous! Not only are they beautiful, but they’re incredibly helpful for organizing our sales data in a coherent and easily accessible way. They’re accurate, detail-oriented, and easy to work with. 

I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to make intelligent, informed decisions based on the data inherent in their business.”

- Julie Stoian, Funnel Gorgeous and FG Funnels

“I love the team process and dashboard Jennifer created for my business. I can see exactly what my team is spending their time on and what those activities are costing me so I can make even more effective decisions as a rapidly growing business.

This is something I’d recommend whether you’re just building your team or have a lot of team members to manage. We use it daily, and it’s made an amazing impact in terms of team spend, efficiency, and overall decisions and operations.”

- Allie Bjerk, Tiny Offer Lab

“Our experience was really great! Full of great information and exactly what we needed and asked for. We had a data tracking system created and it was executed very well.”

- Haley Burkhead, Recurring Profit

this is how we do it


We know you’re busy, you’ve got things to do, you’re juggling everything. You need to be able to quickly, at-a-glance, see what’s working and what’s not working so you can make confident decisions and where you’re investing your time and money in your marketing.

You can quickly look at this one dashboard and say “okay this doesn’t this work, let’s put more money here, and let’s turn this off” so you can make the decision quickly and not waste any more time.

Step 1: Plan

We will assess where your business is currently, identify what questions need to be answered, and create a plan to measure the whole business.

Step 2: Build

We will put together systems and any required integrations to collect the appropriate data and ensure we can get answers to the questions we’ve identified.

Step 3: Report

We will recommend key performance indicators (KPI’s) to track and create dashboards that present the data in a way that provides actionable insights.

After working together, you’ll have access to real-time metrics will impact your business and give you more results by helping you make data-driven decisions. This helps you:

  • Figure out where your profitability is (and isn’t) and align your efforts accordingly
  • Know where you need to tweak things to make more money or reduce expenses
  • Identify where to capitalize on things (such as putting ad spend behind something or focusing on a specific platform)
  • Feel confident in the return of your paid advertising efforts
  • Better understand the audience you are attracting so you can use that information to attract more like them

No complicated tech. No manual updating. No math. Just an easy-to-use decision-making center. Invest once and reap the benefit for YEARS to come. 

Ready to remove the guesswork and create more profitability in your business, the easy way?


See What Others Had To Say

“Great to find insights to help with our next iteration of this launch! I was able to see how well our organic efforts had been working WAY better than our paid ones. So if we double down on growing our organic for the next event, then we should be able to double our numbers. It is super reassuring to be able to know where our CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS came from instead of guessing.”

- Jordan Gill, Systems Saved Me

“When I was introduced to Jennifer I felt like I was operating my million dollar business on intuition. Knowing your audience and offer well enough to scale to 7 figures is awesome, but I knew that it would require data-driven decisions to scale to the next level. Before working with the Nimble Co. I was frustrated that I couldn’t see the complete picture of where my online conversions were happening, which meant I couldn’t make strategic choices about my time, marketing efforts or team members. Thanks to Jennifer I have clear, accurate information about exactly what my customers are doing within my funnels. Knowing where sales are coming from is empowering to say the least. I highly recommend it for any entrepreneur wanting to scale without working harder!”

- Lauren Golden, Free Mama

“Jennifer created exactly what our team needed in a time when another program had shot down. We were able to give her a skeleton idea of what we wanted and she took those simple ideas and made something even better than we could have imagined. It’s like she crawled inside our heads and gave us what we didn’t know we were asking for. My team was blown away with the dashboard and we are all singing her praises. Definite must for our clients and future growth of our company”

- Kate Ahl, Simple Pin Media

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